Cobble Stone

Proline offers over 150 styles of decorative stamps, including this line of Cobble Stones. Cobblestones were frequently used in the pavement of early streets. Proline offers several versions of cobblestones including the popular Old Cobble, London and Cut Stone Cobble. You will also find the traditional cobble in a Herringbone pattern. Proline also manufactures the Appian Cobble in two versions, small stone and large stone.(For tool layout, see placement guides. Stamps/Placement guides)

Old Cobble Stone

Herringbone Old Cobble Stone

London Cobble Stone

Cut Stone Cobble

Appian Cobble Stone

Appian Cobble Large Stone

5 Ft. Dia. Radius Cobble Stone

9 Ft. Dia. Radius Cobble Stone