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Grapevine Border Stamped Concrete
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Color Hardener

Cream Buff

Accent Color

Sedona - Grapes

Rust - Grapes

Colorado - Grapes

Fairway - Leaf's

Pinto - Vines




Designed to fit within a 12" border, our Grapevine Border Art adds a refreshing look to any patio. Consider this piece as a backsplash to your concrete countertop or in a bar area. This stamp can be used on a radius. Use our easy- to -apply Accent Color water based stains to bring life to this stamp. Perfect for the wine connoisseur, a Tuscany motif or Mediterranean style. Proline now makes a matching corner piece to this pattern.

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Grapevine Hammered Edge

60" x 10"

60" x 10"

2 lbs

2 lbs

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