Magnetic Stamps

Known to the industry as the “Game Changer”, the Proline SPS system is the culmination of studying and developing for the decorative concrete industry for over 30 years. Once you stamp with the Proline Magnetic Seamless Pattern Stamp, you will experience first-hand the benefits it has to offer, no double joints, seamless transition, reinforced composite design, tougher tool with high flexibility, lightweight for less fatigue, no joint squeeze-out and over 4X the coverage of traditional tool.

PATENT US 9,463,658 B2

Why Magnetics?

The Industry's Game Changer for Perfectly Seamless Concrete Finishes

Traditional Concrete stamps being stamped with "squeeze out".

Traditional Concrete Stamps Require Touchup

Say goodbye to messy joint squeeze-out with the revolutionary SPS system. Our Magnetic Seamless Pattern Stamp ensures a clean and precise finish every time, eliminating the frustration of excess material ruining your decorative concrete projects.

No Double Joints Like Traditional Stamps

Traditional concrete stamps often lead to frustrating double joints in decorative concrete work. The SPS system eliminates this issue, providing a seamless transition and reinforced composite design for a stronger, more flexible, and fatigue-free experience. Experience the future of the industry with the "Game Changer."

Traditional Concrete stamps need touch up of double lines.
Size comparison of Magnetic concrete Stamps and traditional concrete stamps.

Size Matters

When it comes to decorative concrete, size matters. The SPS system boasts an impressive coverage area, providing over 4 times the coverage of traditional tools. Bigger projects have never been easier, saving you time and effort.

Seamless Patterns Always Line Up

With the SPS system, achieving perfect alignment is a given. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional stamps with double joints, as our seamless patterns always line up flawlessly, ensuring a professional finish.

Magnetic concrete Stamps Pan Shot, showing the pattern line up.
Magnetic concrete Stamps have a random pattern that cant be replicated by any traditional concrete tool.

Seamless Pattern Endless Possibilities

Embrace the art of randomness with the SPS system. This innovative tool lets you create intricate, unpredictable patterns, giving your decorative concrete work a unique and organic touch that's impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

Strong Magnets for Precise Placement

The SPS system features strong magnets that can be effortlessly lifted, ensuring precise placement and making it easier to achieve perfection in your concrete work.

Magnetic concrete Stamps have a random pattern that cant be replicated by any traditional concrete tool.
Magnetic concrete Stamps, showing the alignment line on the back of the stamp and how to use it.

Tool Alignment: Precision at Your Fingertips

The SPS system goes the extra mile to ensure your decorative concrete projects are a breeze. With marks on the back indicating the direction of stones for ashlar patterns, achieving perfect alignment and a professional finish has never been easier.


In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, the Proline SPS system emerges as an indispensable game-changer for the decorative concrete industry. Its remarkable attributes, from eliminating the frustration of joint squeeze-out to enabling you to effortlessly create intricate, seamless patterns, demonstrate that this tool is a must-have for any professional. The magnetic strength of the SPS system simplifies placement and alignment, making the creation of complex patterns. So, if you're striving for perfection in your concrete projects, make the SPS system your ally, and experience the future of seamless, flawless finishes. The Professional's Choice.

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