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Moose Accent Stamped Concrete
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The largest member of the deer family, the Moose is a majestic animal, a symbol of survival in the Northland. Although found in many states, the moose is the state animal of Maine. One of a series of new Hand Sculpted Accent Pieces, combine this stamp with our Elk stamp or any of our other stamps in the Wildlife series. Easy to install, inexpensive to purchase and easy to color, makes this stamp a great accent to any home or business. Lightweight, this stamp can easily be used on vertical walls. Our Hand Sculpted Accent Pieces will set your job apart from the normal, providing a truly unique look and ambiance.

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Moose Hammered Edge

12" x 11.5"

12" x 11.5"

0.5 lbs

0.5 lbs

Optional Accessories

SA1000 Moose & Elk Set

SA1000HE Moose & Elk set Hammered Edge