Tampers Concrete Stamp Tool
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Proline manufactures the finest Tampers / bumper in the market. This patented tool offers easy dismantling, an extra long grip, a composite handle, a removable locking pin, rounded corners and edges and a self-aligning base. Most important, our Tampers have a shock-absorbing flexible coupling to take the pressure off the shoulders of the installer. Named after Bill Shorey "The Colorman" of Spec-West in Sacramento California, this hand tamper is small & lightweight yet it has Heavy-Duty construction. It can be used both horizontally & vertically. Its small size is perfect for tight areas and stairs.

If you're interested in purchasing, please contact your local dealer. Your Proline representative can assist in finding your local dealer. or call us at 1-760-758-7240

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12" X 12" Tamper

16" X 16" Tamper

7" x 7" Billy Banger Hand Tamper

Tamper Clip

Tamper Handle

48" x 12"

48" x 16"

7" x 7"

3" x 0.25"

52" x 3"

16 lbs

19 lbs

2.5 lbs

3 lbs

1 lbs