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Just-add-water, high strength, polymer modified resurfacing product. Designed to restore, repair, and resurface old, stained, and ugly concrete. Pro-Surfacer is applied by magic trowel, squeegee, hand trowel, or broom depending on the desired texture or finish. Also applied as a base coat prior to Pro-Texture, Pro-Stamp, Pro-Micro Top applications. Pro-Surfacer is salt/ice melt resistant. Available in white and gray. White - can be integrally colored with Pro-Color Packs or topically colored with acid, water-based, or solvent based stains.

Gray – closely matches standard gray concrete color.

If you're interested in purchasing, please contact your local dealer. Your Proline representative can assist in finding your local dealer. Cs@prolinestamps.com or call us at 1-760-758-7240


50-250 SF/50 lb Bag

Available Sizes

50 lbs bag Grey: PROFPATCH-GR

50 lbs bag White: PROFPATCH-WH


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