Flaming Sun

Flaming Sun Stamped Concrete
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Proline offers two versions of it's Flaming Sun, by itself and encased in a 3 ft. Medallion circle. Easy to color with our EZ-Accent water based Stain. Apollo is the Greek sun god, bringing life-giving heat and light to earth. This sun is set inside a 3 ft. diameter stamp. The background texture is Italian Slate. Use  our easy-to-use water-based acrylic stains, Accent Color. Add this beautifully carved stamp to any home or business for a real "sizzling" look. Proline also offers this same look as a skin, without the circle. If you love sun patterns, also check out our brand new Seamless Design, Spiral Sun.

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Flaming Sun

Sun Stamp Medallion - 3' Diameter

36" x 36"

36" x 36"

3 lbs

12 lbs

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