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Old Granite Tile 36" x 36"

Old Granite Tile 36" x 36" Stamped Concrete
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Granite is a plutonic rock of the Earth's crust, formed by the cooling of magma. Proline offers this highly natural looking Old Granite Cleft Stone in a 36" x 36" square tile pattern. Old Granite is easily characterized by veins running through the pattern. Looking for a matching Band Tool? Check out our BT300- Soldier Course Granite Band Tool. Proline also offers the following tile sizes in the same Old Granite texture: 12" x 12" ( ST1230 & ST1235), 18" x 18" (ST1840) & 24" x 24" (ST2400).

If you're interested in purchasing, please contact your local dealer. Your Proline representative can assist in finding your local dealer. Cs@prolinestamps.com or call us at 1-760-758-7240

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Old Granite Tile 36" x 36"

Old Granite Tile 36" x 36" Thinflex

36" x 36"

36" x 36"

22 lbs

15 lbs

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