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Travertine Table Top Stamped Concrete
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This extravagant Travertine texture has been loved by many for years, and will be loved for many years after. Proline has put this spectacular design into a table top mold. Use extra concrete or GFRC with some reinforcement and call your local Proline distributor for the best tips and tricks. Don't have one yet? Here's our number 1-800-795-4750 give us a call, we will direct you to the distributor near you.

If you're interested in purchasing, please contact your local dealer. Your Proline representative can assist in finding your local dealer. or call us at 1-760-758-7240

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Travertine Table Top Mold - 38"

Travertine Table Top Mold - 4'

Travertine Table Top Mold - 55"

38" x 38"

48" x 48"

55" x 55"

19 lbs

30 lbs

50 lbs

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